Irvine Queers

We are the largest gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and ally student organization at UC Irvine.

As a social, educational, political, and service organization, our purpose is to create a safe and inclusive space to enhance and promote the queer and ally experience at UC Irvine and the surrounding community.

Join our mailing list by shooting us an email at or check facebook to keep track of our campus events and meetings!

Kitty Dorchester- Co-Chair
Meagan Rapoza - Co-Chair
Adam Bedolla - Treasurer
Tris Mendoza - Historian
Danny Herron - Publicity Chair
Justin Lara - Senior Advisor

[image: an infographic titled Snapshots of transgender life that says 41% can’t change their gender on their IDs, 57% were rejected by families, 19% have experienced homelessness, 19% were refused medical care, 47% have attempted suicide. Source is available at].


[image: an infographic titled Snapshots of transgender life that says 41% can’t change their gender on their IDs, 57% were rejected by families, 19% have experienced homelessness, 19% were refused medical care, 47% have attempted suicide. Source is available at].

(Source: myholigay, via asexualeducation)

Graphic Design II - Project 1 - Infographic - “Bullying in LGBT Youth”

Graphic Design II - Project 1 - Infographic - “Bullying in LGBT Youth”

(Source: kelialex)

Next Year

Hi Everybody!

We  have been spending our summer vacation working hard brainstorming and planning for some exciting new things for the upcoming year and we were all wondering what brilliant ideas our members had for events, meetings, discussions. or anything else. So, if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments just send an email or facebook/tumblr message and we will try to make it happen. We are thinking of having a large town hall type brainstorming meeting during the summer so also let us know if that’s something that you would like to be apart of. We really appreciate everyone’s help in making next year the best it can be! 


Additionally,  one topic keeps coming up over and over again in our discussions—the possibility of changing the weekly meeting time so that more people are able to attend. We don’t want to make such a big change without hearing how everyone feels about it so, if you have some time please take a minute to let us know what works for you--IQ meeting time poll



Hi Everybody

As the co-chair for IQ next year, I just wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself and let you know a few exciting things we are planning for next year. So…here we go!


I’m Kitty and I will be joining Meagan next year as IQ co-chairs, meaning we will be working hard all year to make Irvine Queers the space our members want it to be.

I’m a part of IQ for you and I have lots of revolutionary ideas in mind to make Irvine Queers the best it’s ever been. But before the planning can begin, I am terribly interested in what you think. So, in my typical style, I have created a survey to help gauge what things people would be interested in for next year. It would help so much if you could complete the survey!

Also we want to start ordering shirts and other IQ merch for next year and I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. Feel free to message or e-mail ( any ideas, comments, criticisms, design sketches, etc. 

I’m so very excited to meet everyone next year, but since it’s so far away and I know we both can barely wait so until then you can contact me via Facebook, my personal tumblr, or email (  

Kitty <3


Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay, but here is your new board for 2013-2014:

Meagan Rapoza and Kitty Dorchester as Co-Chairs

Brad Rafferty as Secretary

Daniel Herron as Publicity Chair

Tris Mendoza as Historian

Adam Bedolla for Treasurer

If you would like to be part of board as an applied position (Fundraising Chair, Events Chair, Outreach Chair, etc) for any position you feel I.Q. needs drop by the LGBT Resource Center and fill out an applied position application.

Also don’t forget to mark you calendars for upcoming events:

  • May 10th we will be having another pancake fundraiser! Drop by and show your support!
  • May 19th Irvine Queers will be going as a group to Long Beach Pride! Let any board member know if you plan on going with our group!
  • Drag Show will be held on May 24th! If you would like to perform fill out a submission at the LGBT Resource Center! If you would like to help out with planning or anything else come to the committee meetings held Fridays at 1:00 pm in the LGBTRC!

That should be all for now.

Good luck on midterms!

-Adam (2012-2013 Publicity Chair)

Edit: One last thing! Don’t forget to keep using Goodsearch! They have games now so you can play and earn money for I.Q. at the same time!


Hello everyone!

It’s the beginning of week 4 and this Tuesday (4/23) we are having elections for next year’s board! If you or anyone you know are interested in running for a position next year nominations are being accepted at the LGBTRC.

Also, thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support Friday night at Club Q and yesterday at Wayzgoose!

This Tuesday after board elections we will be heading over to Blaze Pizza on Campus Drive and raising some funds. The event page is here:
print out and present the flyer to the cashier.

Hope to see you there for some delicious pizza!

Adam (2012-2013 Publicity Chair)

More Pancakes!

Hello everyone!

I’d like to start off this week’s post by letting you know that we’re having another pancake sale this week! We’d love to see you show your support so come by Aldrich Hall on Thursday and buy some pancakes or make a donation or just say hi!
Here’s the facebook event:

This week’s meeting is Queer Terminology Bingo! Learn about queer terms in a fun way! Meetings are in Newport Beach A at 7:00 pm.

Also, be ready for our quarterly potluck next week. Bring something delicious and your appetite. :) I will post the google doc sometime this week so y’all can sign up and say what you will bring!

Good luck studying for finals!

-Adam (2012-2013 Publicity Chair)

More Pancakes!

We’ll be having another pancake sale next week on Thursday! You can find us on Ring Road by Aldrich Hall. We’ll be the ones selling pancakes.

Here’s the event page:

And if you would like to volunteer here’s the google doc:

Next Tuesday we will be playing an improv game. It should be fun and interesting and we hope you come!

We will also start using brownie points for those that volunteer and help out with any upcoming events. Points are accumulated through volunteering at events and fundraisers. The person with the most points gets a gift card at the end of spring quarter so look forward to that.

That’s all for this week!

Good luck on midterms if you still have any. :)

-Adam (2012-2013 Publicity Chair)

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday was Thought Provoking Thursday at the LGBT Resource Center. Hope you all could go and have some discussion.

On Tuesday we had a CARE workshop for the Campus Assault and Resource Education center on campus. We hope you enjoyed the information and will use it when needed.

If you would like to support CARE or are just interested in seeing a great show, come see The Vagina Monologues today and/or tomorrow.
Tickets will be sold today on Ring Road until 4 and they will be $12 with UCI ID. They will be $15 at the door and you can also buy them online at

Don’t forget to come to our meeting next Tuesday as well!

Also we will be having another pancake sale in the next couple weeks so get your syrup ready!

Have a great weekend!

-Adam (2012-2013 Publicity Chair)

Pancakes Pancakes!

So we had to change our taco fundraiser to pancakes last minute but you should all still come out and show your support! We’ll be in front of Aldrich Hall around 10 in the morning so in case you miss breakfast you can get some pancakes for only $1! Throw in an extra dollar and you can get chocolate chip pancakes! :D

We hope to see you there and good luck on midterms!


Upcoming Events!

Hello everyone!

In the coming weeks we will be having a few things going on, like:

  • Weekly Meeting!
    As usual, we will be having our weekly club meeting this Tuesday at 7 pm in Newport Beach A inside the Student Center. This week we will have a self-defense workshop!
  • Blaze Pizza Fundraiser!
    After the meeting we will be going as a group to Blaze Pizza to raise funds for our club. We will be handing out flyers at the meeting or you can print one out from the event page here:
  • TACOS!
    Thursday of week 4 (1/31) we will be selling carne asada tacos on Ring Road so come out and support us and have some delicious tacos! If you would like to volunteer let us know on the Irvine Queers facebook page. It would be very appreciated. :)
  • Club Q!
    Our quarterly dance is coming so be on the lookout for other announcements!

That should be it for the next few days. We hope to see you there!


Welcome Back!

We hope you all enjoyed your winter break!

Now that the new quarter has started we hope you are excited and ready for the events we have planned this winter!

First event:

This Friday will be our quarterly bonfire held at Corona del Mar. If you would like to join us simply meet at the flagpoles at 5:30. If you are available to give rides please say so on the facebook page and even if you can’t but are still planning on going please rsvp to give us a rough idea of how many people are going and how many drivers we’ll need.
Hope to see you there!

Also, our weekly meetings will no longer be in Moss Cove this quarter. We will be moving to Newport Beach A starting today and for the rest of the quarter. Meetings will still be at 7 pm.

We hope you can join us for our events and meetings and we will keep you updated on any other club related activities via facebook, tumblr, blogger and meetings.

Have a great quarter!


Good luck!

Hello IQ!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the potluck on Tuesday! Lots of great food and lots of faces! Hopefully y’all enjoyed it. :)

With finals week starting tomorrow we would like to wish you all good luck! Good luck with studying and good luck on your finals!

We hope to see you again next quarter!

Have a nice winter break and all the best,